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Baby It’s Freezin’ Out Side Free Winter SVG


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Do you love the cold? I can handle the cold as long as I am inside a nice warm house. In fact, getting me to venture out into the cold weather is like expecting a shark to walk on land. Lol. Well, in the Northeast, we just had a super cold spell and all that unbelievably cold weather was the inspiration for this design. Be sure to scroll below to read and download your FREE Baby It’s Freezin’ Out Side Winter SVG.

Baby It’s Freezin’ Out Side Free Winter SVG

Baby it’s Freezin’ Out Side FREE SVG Design Wood Sign

As cold weather sets in, this design may be the perfect way to let others know exactly how you feel. And with this design, there are so many ways that you can craft. One way is to create a cute indoor sign as winter decor. It would be perfect decoration for a tiered tray, end table, mudroom and many other areas. Use heat transfer vinyl on wood or permanent vinyl. You could also add this design on canvas.

Baby it’s Freezin’ Out Side FREE SVG Design Garden Flag

Another way to use this design is to make a garden flag! Garden flags add cute, outdoor decor no matter the season. If you craft a garden flag, be sure to use heat transfer vinyl (here’s a brand I have used before) and a heat press (I have this heat press that I absolutely love) to ensure long life for your flag. You can use blank garden flags like this one.

Baby it’s Freezin’ Out Side FREE SVG Design Sweatshirt

Lastly, you can make a shirt with this design using heat transfer vinyl and a blank sweatshirt or shirt. You could also add the design to a blanket. There really are so many different options and variations for crafting. And I can’t wait to see which type of craft you make!

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Happy Crafting!


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