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DIY Valentine Heart Button Art


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The month of February is the time we all think of Valentine’s Day. And even if you don’t go crazy with decorating for the season a little decor adds that special touch to the home. One way to create decor making button art and this DIY Valentine Heart Button Art is a fun and easy. You can create this craft by yourself or make it a fun afternoon craft for you and your kiddo. Plus, you can likely use a lot of the materials you already have in your home.

-Materials List

  • A square block of wood. Or you can use an art canvas. I am using a 7.25in square wood block.
  • White and Black Chalk Paint
  • Two (2) Foam Brushes
  • Masking tape (1in)
  • Heat gun
  • Heart template (you can make a heart using your Cricut, Silhouette or other cutting machine or just free hand draw a heart)
  • Scrabble tiles (I got mine from my local store but this pack would be great to get and have for future crafts)
  • Clear tacky glue
  • Pencil, Ruler and Scissors
  • Red buttons
  • Hot Glue and Glue Gun
  • Ribbon (I got mine at my local store but this is the size and style I used)

DIY Valentine Heart Button Art Video Instructions

Check out this video tutorial where we can make the DIY Valentine Heart Button Art Craft!

Step-by-Step Written Instructions

Paint your wood block (or canvas) using your White Chalk Paint. Then use your heat gun to fast dry the paint.

With your masking tape and starting at the top, create an even spaced line pattern down your wood. Then using your Black Chalk Paint, create a black and white pattern. Again, use your heat gun to fast dry the paint. Once it’s dry remove all your tape lines. You should have a crisp black and white pattern.

Cut out a heart template. You can use your Cricut or Silhouette and some scrap card stock to cut a heart. Determine where on your wood block you want your heart to be and LIGHTLY trace the heart in pencil. Or you can free-hand draw a heart.

Once you have your heart drawn you can begin to glue your buttons around and inside the heart. Do not go outside your pencil line. You can add larger buttons first and then glue smaller ones around and on top each other. Continue adding buttons until all of the heart is filled in.

When you have finished adding the buttons, use your scrabble tiles to add the word L-O-V-E at the bottom. Add the scrabble tiles to the wood using hot glue.

Optional: Using ribbon, create and add a small bow to the top of your heart.

This fun, quick and easy DIY Valentine Heart Button Art adds a little extra decor to your Valentine decorations this season. I have mine on our family room mantle. The buttons add just the right pop of color and we will be able to enjoy it for the entire season. I hope that you enjoy crafting yours!

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