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Free 4th of July Star Lollipop Holder


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Do you love paper crafting? Paper crafting is a lot of fun and is the inspiration for this design. This FREE 4th of July Star Lollipop Holder is sure to be a hit with kiddos and adults at the next holiday barbecue.

For this tutorial, I will be using a Cricut Explore however you can use a cutting machine that accepts SVG cut files. (An EPS and DXF file is also included) To make this lollipop holder follow the steps outlined below. Step by step instructions for the assembly and what materials I used to complete the project are below. First thing to remember, is to ungroup the design inside your cutting machine software and change the solid black line to a SCORE line, then attach the group before cutting.

-Materials List


Step 1: Download the Lollipop Holder SVG

Download the SVG file from my free Resource Library HERE. You can get the password for my library by filling out the form at the bottom of this post.

Save the downloaded zipped folder to your computer. Be sure to note where on your computer the folder downloaded and then unzip the folder to extract the contents. The folder and files must be unzipped before you can upload the SVG file into your cutting software.

Step 2: Upload the SVG File into Design Space and Ungroup

Upload the SVG file into Cricut Design Space. The SVG file will upload grouped together. Click on the ungroup button to separate the layers.

Step 3: Convert Fold Line to SCORE line

Convert the solid fold line to a SCORE line. This step is necessary to prevent the holder from cutting in two pieces. In the LAYERS panel, scroll down until you see the solid fold line. Click it, then move over to the OPERATION tab and change it from Basic Cut to SCORE. At this time, you will notice that the term in the LAYERS panel has changed to SCORE. Then move only the blue and red layers away from the white layer; line them up near the white base layer. Keep the SCORE line in its position with the white layer.

Step 4: Attach layers to Mat

Now that you have changed the fold line to a SCORE line and separated the blue and red layers from the white layer, you are ready to attach. Select all the layers by right-clicking and dragging your mouse across all the layers on the mat or click the layers one by one on the layers panel while simultaneously holding down the shift key. Right click in the box you just dragged for a pop-up menu to appear, then scroll to find the attach button. Or click on the attach button towards the bottom right. Then click Make it at the upper top.

Step 5: Check Mat Preview

Once you click Make it, a new window will open with your mat preview. On this screen, you will see the layers for the project. If everything is placed according to your liking, click continue at the bottom right.

Step 6: Card Stock Cut Settings

Once you have clicked continue, you will be taken to your material selection menu. For this project, I am using Medium card stock 80lb. However, I will not cut on the Medium card stock setting. Due to the intricate design of the stars and stripes, I will cut on the card stock for Intricate Cuts setting. This setting will slow the blade down and allow the machine to cut more slowly without the card stock ripping.

Step 7: Load Mat and Cut Materials

Finally, load the mat into your machine by pressing the double arrows. Make sure that your mat is positioned and lined up according to the mat guides. You will know your machine is ready to cut when you see the flashing “c” button. Press that button to start your cut.

Once your cut is complete, make sure that you peel the mat away from the card stock instead of peeling the card stock away from the mat. Doing so will prevent any curling of the card stock.

Step 8: Assemble 4th of July Star Lollipop Holder

At this time you are now ready to assemble the lollipop holder design. Feel free to check out this video of the assembly!

I really hope you had fun creating this 4th of July Lollipop Holder. Can’t wait to see yours! Post a picture over on my Facebook page, AllThingsWereCreated20, and show yours off. See you there! Also, if you have crafty friends who would enjoy this post, I would be so honored if you would share the crafty fun and link them to my website.

Stay crafty!!


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Download this FREE 4th of July Star Lollipop Holder design in my FREE resource library. The password to access my FREE resource library is always at the bottom of my newsletter. Use the Design Number to find the file inside the library.

Design #26–4th of July Star Lollipop Holder–FREE cut file, available in my resource library

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Also, please note that for security and size reasons the files are downloaded as zip files. To gain access to the files, you will need to extract/unzip the downloaded folder.

Last but Not Least

Friendly Reminder: These designs are not to be distributed outside of this blog post.  You are welcome to use these designs for personal or commercial use up to 200 uses in your own home. Please visit my Terms of Use and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out. Thanks for your support and understanding.

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