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Free Beach Christmas SVG


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Do you ever vacation at the beach for Christmas? Or do you live at the beach year-round and get to spend every holiday by the shoreline? Personally, I have always wanted to be at the beach for Christmas and better yet, I’d rather live at the beach year-round! Thus, that inner hope is the inspiration for these FREE Beach Christmas SVG files.

Christmas is Better in Flip Flops

FREE Beach Christmas SVG Christmas is Better in Flip Flops

A beach Christmas is ideal but having a Christmas in Flip Flops is the dream. This design would be perfect for you to put on a t-shirt that you can wear as you take walks on the shore. Also, you can have a lot of fun personalizing the flip flops with lots of colorful HTV! On the other hand, this design would also look perfect as wall decor or tiered tray decor inside the beach house!

Deck the Palms

Free Beach Christmas SVG Deck the Palms

This design is the cutest! I especially love the cute lights on the trees! In fact this file would look perfect as a reverse canvas. Also, the design would look great as some wall decor inside the beach house. What will you create?

Leave a Light on for Santa

FREE Beach Christmas SVG Leave a Light on for Santa

You can’t have Christmas without Santa. Moreover, a beach Christmas has to include a lighthouse! And nothing could be better than having a reminder to leave the light on for Santa. Evidently that is the inspiration for this file! And surely this cute design would make a perfect sign to leave next to Santa’s milk and cookie tray.

We Wish You a Beachy Christmas

FREE Beach Christmas SVG We Wish You a Beachy Christmas

Finally we have come to my favorite design! I absolutely love these little fishes with seashells and star fish! Therefore, I think this design is perfect for reverse canvas decor in the beach house. In addition, you could make a gift for the relative or friend who lives by the sea. I’m so excited to see your craft!

I hope that you have enjoyed these FREE Beach Christmas SVG files! And whichever way you decide to bring these files to life, I am excited to see! Leave a comment over on my Facebook page, AllThingsWereCreated20, to show off your creation. See you there!

Happy Crafting!


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FREE Beach Christmas SVG

Ready to Download?

Download these FREE Beach Christmas SVG design in my FREE resource library. The password to access my FREE resource library is always at the bottom of my newsletter. Use the Design Number to find the file inside the library.

Design #35–Christmas is Better in Flip Flops–FREE cut file, available in my resource library

Design #36–Deck the Palms–FREE cut file, available in my resource library

Design #37–Leave a Light on for Santa–FREE cut file, available in my resource library

Design #38–We Wish You a Beachy Christmas–FREE cut file, available in my resource library

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Also, please note that for security and size reasons the files are downloaded as zip files. To gain access to the files, you will need to extract/unzip the downloaded folder.

Last but Not Least

Friendly Reminder: These designs are not to be distributed outside of this blog post.  You are welcome to use these designs for personal or commercial use up to 200 uses in your own home. Please visit my Terms of Use and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out. Thanks for your support and understanding.

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