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Free Mother’s Day SVG Files


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I’m so excited to share these FREE Mother’s Day SVG files and designs with you. These designs are perfect for use with your Cricut, Silhouette or other cutting machine.

I always find that this holiday comes and passes so quickly in the year. I hope these designs are just in time for you to bring them to life in your own special and creative way. As a mom of both a girl and a boy, I find that the messes of each one is so unique and different. But these messes keep life interesting and are the inspiration for these designs. These designs are perfect for use with your favorite brand of Heat Transfer Vinyl or Permanent Vinyl. I hope you enjoy and Happy Crafting.

Tutus and Touchdowns

My daughter loves to play princesses, so she dresses up in her tutus and runs around the house commanding all her subjects–us. Ha, ha. My son, on the other hand, loves football. Whenever we go outside to play, we are required to pass him the football as he goes to score touchdowns (of course, no one else can score a touchdown either…Lol.) Is it like that in your house too?

Tiaras and Trains

While I was designing this one, I chuckled the entire time. Why you ask? Sometimes my daughter can’t be bothered to put on her princess dresses and tutus (Sometimes I guess it’s just faster to do without all the royal attire) and so she just sticks a tiara on her head, wand in her hand and runs around in her play clothes. My son takes his trains and plays with them in every single room of our house. Yes friends, we can sometimes find a train on the bathroom sink or floor. Sometimes they stay there just long enough for me to step on. Ouch! Can you relate?

I hope you enjoy these designs! How do you envision bringing them to life?

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Download Tutus and Touchdowns and Tiaras and Trains in my FREE resource library. The password to access my FREE resource library is always at the bottom of my newsletter.

Design #3 –Tutus and Touchdowns–FREE cut file, available in my resource library

Design #4–Tiaras and Trains–FREE cut file, available in my resource library

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Please note that for security and size reasons the files are downloaded as zip files. You will need to extract/unzip the downloaded folder to gain access to the files.

Happy Crafting!

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