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Most Likely to…Happy New Year Free SVG


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Crafting and celebrating New Year’s combines our expressions of creativity and marking the passage of time with meaning. As we turn the final page of our calendars we can stamp the moment to create homemade decorations, festive attire and so much more. These easy to cut and craft Most Likely to…Happy New Year Free SVG Cut Files are a creative and fun way for you to express yourself this New Year’s! Plus, you can also create these for family members or friends who are celebrating with you. Find the design that relates most to you below. Enjoy and Happy Crafting!

Most Likely to Fall Asleep Before Midnight

As the world prepares to bid farewell to the past year and usher in the new how do you envision where you will be? Are you the person at the New Year’s Eve party that will fall asleep before the clock hits midnight? It’s ok if you are. There is a peaceful tranquility that welcomes those who have embraced the time of dreams. That surrender to the peaceful realms of slumber is an affirmation that you will welcome the day with a well-rested mind and spirit. Making a fun shirt with this Most Likely to Fall Asleep Before Midnight Free SVG Cut file is a wonderful way to bring humor and fun to your celebrating festivities. Plus, maybe you will defy the odds be awake as the clock strikes midnight. Either way, you get to create a cute shirt for yourself.

Most Likely to Pucker Up at Midnight

Kissing at the stroke of midnight is a fun tradition that transcends many cultures. The kiss symbolizes optimism and shared hope for the upcoming year. It also is a expression of love, connection, new desires and is believed by some to ensure a year of affection and happiness. If you are the one who is likely to kiss at midnight then this Most Likely to Pucker Up at Midnight is the perfect SVG Cut File for you. Create a fun sweatshirt or shirt for yourself and even family members/friends to wear proudly at the festivities! You can also use your favorite combination of Heat Transfer Vinyl and your heat press to create new attire. And don’t forget to pucker up as that clock nears and then strikes midnight!

Most Likely to Drink all the Champagne

The toasting with champagne glasses as the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve is a sparkling tradition that has endured through the time. As the pop of the cork and the clink of the glasses occurs it echos the joyous sounds and desire for prosperity, joy, love and happiness that lies in the months ahead. And as the rise of the bubbles they mirror the rising anticipation of a fresh start, a new slate and the promise of new beginnings. Champagne is a liquid celebration and a sparkling elixir that embraces the night. With this Most Likely to Drink all the Champagne free svg cut file, you can add to the momentous occasion with humor and laughter. This design is perfect for a new shirt. You could also use it to make a fun photo prop as you capture the moments of the night.

That’s it! I hope you have fun creating and crafting with this cute Most Likely to…Happy New Year Free SVG Cut Files. They are so easy to cut and use to create fun shirts, signs, tumblers and so much more.

What color vinyl did you use to create yours? I would love to see what you created! Feel free to post a picture on this post over on my Facebook page, AllThingsWereCreated20, to show it off. See you there! And if you have any crafty friends who might enjoy this post, I would be so grateful if you would share the crafty fun and link them to my website.

Stay Crafty!!


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